conico hot water unit

The Conico Hot Water Unit is specifically designed for the highest comfort level for in domestic hot water supply, and the highest system performance in combination with heat pumps. A sophisticated electronic control system ensures that the hot water unit responds very fast to hot water demand, and that the hot water temperature is kept stable at all times. The unit has a compact design, with all connections conveniently positioned at the bottom, and is easy to install, also when replacing existing hot water boilers.
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conico stratified tanks for heat pumps

The Conico Stratified Tanks for heat pumps are designed to be used with the Conico Hot Water Unit and include a Thermo-Differential Valve for stratified charging of the tank using a heat pump. The tanks are fitted with a thick insulation jacket to achieve excellent insulation levels and minimise heat loss from the tank. The tanks are light-weight and easy to handle, so they can be positioned without using specialist equipment.
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conico dmp solar system

The Conico DMP Solar System is designed to be used in combination with Conico Tanks for heat pumps or Conico Combi-tanks, together with Conico Solar Collectors. The Conico DMP Solar System includes all the necessary components, such as the electronic controller, the circulation pump and a Thermo-Differential Valve, and has all the electronics and sensors pre-wired, so the system is very easy to install. The controller has advanced self-learning algorithms, so it doesn’t require any set-up parameters, and can be very easily commissioned.
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conico cpc vacuum tube collector

The Conico CPC vacuum tube collector uses vacuum tube technology in combination with CPC mirrors to deliver the highest efficiency, even in cold weather and low intensity conditions. The collector can be installed on pitched roofs and on flat roofs, and the collector can be assembled on the roof, so it is not necessary to use a crane to position the collector.
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conico horizontal vacuum tube collector

The Conico horizontal vacuum tube collector is designed for horizontal installation on flat roofs, so that the collector is not visible from street level and requires only very minimal ballast for wind resistance. The vacuum tubes are orientated in an East-West direction, so little or no sunlight falls through the gaps between the vacuum tubes, and the round shape of the tubes ensures that the collector stays clean and maintains its efficiency.
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