Thermo-differential valve

At Conico we have developed a new type of actuation technology for valves; Thermo-Differential actuation technology, which allows us to create unique valves - Thermo-Differential Valves – that, without the use of electronics, switch and regulate based on observed temperature differences. These unique valves not only replace existing electronically controlled systems that respond to temperature difference, but also open up various new applications, for which electronic systems are prohibitively expensive, unreliable and/or inaccurate.

The patented Thermo-Differential actuation technology is based on mass-transfer inside valve’s actuator, which always consists of two connected sections, each exposed to a different temperature in the system, and which is filled with a working fluid, that will always flow to the coolest section of the actuator, driven by the higher vapour pressure in the warmer section. The mass-transfer creates the actuation by shifting the center of gravity of the actuator through a pivoting mechanism, to create a degree of leverage. As this actuation principle observes temperature difference directly (not by comparing two temperature sensors, as in electronic systems), it is intrinsically 100% accurate, not relying on calibration.

In addition to developing and producing Thermo-Differential Valves, we also focus on developing innovative applications for Thermo-Differential Valves, such as the Conico Direct Solar System, which is expected to become available in 2019.